Support the Campaign

In order to be in the city council, I need to be elected, and to do that I need your vote and your support.  If you believe in my message of business minded leadership then I would like you to meet you and talk with you.  I would love your support.  The best way that you can support me is to tell your friends and neighbors to vote for me. 

To help with that share this website, sign up for our newsletter and follow the campaign on Facebook.  I am open to talk with anyone from the Acacia district about the future. 


Sign up for the newsletter please.


Make a contribution

Some people have the means to financially support a campaign like this, and such support is vital to our success.  If you would like to support our campaign I would really appreciate it.  I would like to meet you, so call or text me at 602-579-4919 and I will come to you.   


If you rather donate online you can do that by filling out the following form.