About Jason Dragon

Hello.  I am Jason Dragon, and I am running for city council for the Acacia District.  Here is a little bit about me, I would love to get to know you more so please feel free to call me and we can meet in person.   Call or text me at 602-579-4919.  

Lets start at the beginning, I am an Arizona native, born in Phoenix.  I also grew up in the west valley, and went to Tolleson Union High School, where I graduated near the top of my class.  After that I spent 4 years at NAU and received a degree in Small Business Management, with an emphasis on Finance and Marketing.  Before even going to NAU I had a passion for computers, receiving first place in all of Arizona during high school in the FBLA computer contests, even going to the national competition. 


After graduating from NAU I started consulting with small businesses helping them be better, and soon discovered that I could do this even better by helping them catch up with IT standards.  Soon I was helping businesses deploy technology full time, and soon after that I founded Emerald Computers out of my house in Phoenix.  It grew larger and soon I had a retail store on Peoria and 44th Ave, and then in 2004 I moved to Peoria, and the same year I opened a second store in Phoenix. I was also highly interested in Politics and Real Estate.  In 2006 I was introduced to my wife Gem and soon after we got married.  I sold my computer business and moved to the Philippines. I lived there for about 18 months, and rented out rooms in my Peoria home. During this time I opened a tile export business from the Philippines and sold the tile in the US.  Eventually the people who bought my two computer stores let them fail and once my wife legally could come to the US I returned to Peoria with her, and started my computer business over again, this time in Peoria.  In the last few years the business has grown to be one of the largest computer stores in the state.  You can visit it any day but sunday, it is located right here in the Acacia district at 7642 W Vogel.   We are a Green computer company, and mostly sell recycled computers, helping the environment and helping people get great deals.


In 2014 I decided to become a Realtor, I have a great passion for buildings, and city design. I love to see new buildings go up, and see a city develop.  In the last few years I have learned a lot and closed a good number of deals.  It is really fun and something I want to do more of.   So much of the work that the city does is closely related to real estate, and  this experience will really increase my effectiveness as a councilman.


Just 11 months after we were married we welcomed our son Emerson into our lives, and 18 months later we had Edison.  A few year later we had Erickson, and we love our three boys, they are the joy in our life.  We are proud of the young men they are turning into, and my kids are really proud of me running for office. They will be so happy if I win this election and I am doing what I do to make a better city for them, and kids like them to live in tomorrow.

Back in 2009 I started getting really involved in politics and in 2010 I ran for the Acacia district.  Tony Rivero won in the General and he turned out to be a great city councilperson and did a great job saving money and preventing tax hikes while he was in office.  He since moved on to do the same at the state level.  In 2014 I wanted to run again but I just became a Realtor and also my computer business was growing fast so I decided to wait, not the business is doing great, and I have figured out the Realtor profession, and have the time and desire to run for the district again.  

Thanks for reading, and I would really love to have your support.  Please visit my support page to find out ways you can help make this happen.  If you want to know what I will do when I am in office the please read my Manifesto page.  

Thank you

Jason Dragon